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  • When should we arrive to the restaurant?
    We strongly recommend that you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to get settled and order a drink. You are welcome to arrive as early as 5:30 pm to wander the garden or find yourself the perfect seat.
  • What days do you offer your tasting menu?
    We are open and offer our tasting menu on Fridays & Saturdays from May 17th-October 19th, 2024. For the months of July & August we will extend our service to Thursdays.
  • How far in advance can we book a table?
    Reservations are open 60 days in advance. For well in advance bookings for larger tables (in our shoulder months, as mentioned below) please feel free to contact us directly.
  • Can you book a table larger than a table of 4 for the chef’s tasting experience?
    During our peak months (July & August) we will typically only reserve tables of up to 4 people. Due to the small dining space a larger table limits the number of reservations we can take. On our shoulder months, larger tables are reserved on a case-by-case basis. We would love to book you if we can so it is always best to call and ask!
  • How long does the chef’s tasting experience take?
    Expect to spend 3 hours for dinner, starting at 6 pm sharp. We are unable to adjust the timing of the dinner as it effects the quality of experience for the remaining guests. If there is an emergency, we will do our best to accommodate.
  • How much is chef’s tasting menu?
    Our chef’s tasting menu is $100/person, not including tax or gratuity.
  • How often does your menu change?
    Our menu is planned to change every 4-5 weeks through out the season. The menu is designed around what ingredients are coming to it’s peak life in the garden or what is available locally in season.
  • Can I expect the menu to be exactly as I see it posted online?
    We post our menus ahead of time online however sometimes the availability of a primary ingredient becomed unavailable with short notice. Changes to the menu are therefore required in order to keep the consistency in quality of our dishes and to not sway from our philosophy of using high quality, local and seasonal ingredients.
  • Can you accommodate any dietary allergies?
    We will always do our best to accommodate dietary allergies with advance notice. We request a minimum of 72 hours notice minimum or at the time of your booking. We take allergies very seriously at Lupin. Due to the nature of our menus and complex recipes it takes time review our dishes and create substitutes that meet our standards. This is challenging and almost impossible to do last minute. At this time we are unable to accommodate a vegan diet. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Do you offer any other menu than the chef’s tasting menu?
    We currently only offer our 7-course tasting menu for regular operating hours. In 2023 we decided to discontinue our A La Carte service to allow us to direct our focus on our 7-course menu. We host a variety of fun events with different styles of food serving throughout the season, including our Mother’s Day Brunch, Garden Parties, Garden Socials, Harvest Dinner and Seaside Christmas Market.
  • Do you sell in-store anymore?
    We currently do not offer any open public hours for walk-in shopping however, if you are dining in the restaurant all of our products are available to be purchased. Your server will be more than happy to show you the menu! Our pantry is now exclusively online here!
  • What are your online pantry hours?
    You have access to our online store 24/7 with the option to pick up your order Thursday-Saturday at your chosen time from 10-2pm. We also offer delivery on Saturday!
  • What if I am not longer able or am running late for my pick up time?
    We get that plans change and that’s okay! Your order will stay put until you can come get it. We just ask that you call us to arrange a different time or let us know when you expect to arrive. We can also arrange a delivery on a Saturday if need be. Charges will apply.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes! We deliver every Saturday to as far as Halifax. Some deliveries can be arranged during the week if we have a supply run. Don’t hesitate to ask.
  • What are your delivery fees?
    Anywhere up to 35 km is $15, and any distance between 36-55km is $20. We all know gas is expensive these days!
  • What if I want something that isn’t available online?
    If you are looking for something you want that you’ve had before you can always contact us to see if we are making it in the near future. If it's a large enough order we would be happy to make a special order for you.
  • What do I do if I am not happy with a product?
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. We will arrange a reimbursement or replacement. We take pride in the quality of our work, but mistakes can happen and we appreciate the opportunity to fix it.
  • How can we get more information on booking an event?
    Easy! Just send us an email to and we would be happy to send you our price list, menus and details for your specific event.
  • how far in advance do we need to book our event?
    Depending on the event, we are booking our larger scale events into 2025 already! Small intimate weddings for this year can be booked as close to a week in advance but it is all dependent on the day of the week. We open our reservations for the restaurant 60 days in advance and extend our hours Thursdays in July & August which will limit our availability during those months. Coroporate Retreats and other private events are booked typically one to two months in advance.
  • Can we have our wedding ceremony and reception on location?
    Yes! You can have one or the other, or both! We offer different pricing packages, with lots of additional services to help you make your day the best you can imagine. When inquiring be sure to ask for pricing on both options! We are here to help!
  • How many guests can you accommodate in your space?
    We can accommodate up to 24 guests for a plated or seated event. For a stand up reception style event, we can host up to 35 guests. We plan for our guests to be able to come inside in the case of bad weather.
  • What type of events can you host privately?
    We love hosting whatever type of event you can create however our main events are weddings, corporate retreats and corporate all day meetings, intimate celebrations (like birthdays or family events), and bachelorettes (for the foodie at heart).
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