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Lupin is the culmination of a dream that started back on the West Coast where Kim & her husband, Mark first met. Kim has always had a passion for gourmet cooking and farming her own ingredients. Building dedication across the country, they settled on their 40-acre homestead in Musquodoboit Harbour in 2015 and began their journey of creating a farm-to-table fine-dining restaurant just outside of Halifax. 


Today, Lupin Dining & Pantry combines a gourmet culinary experience with the authentic local flavours of Nova Scotia. The menu and products feature the finest locally-sourced ingredients, many of which are grown right here in the garden.


Meet Chef


Inspired by her experience on Michael Stadtlander’s Eigensinn Farm at the Canadian Chefs Congress, Kim has been honing her skills and developing the knowledge to create her own farm-to-table restaurant.


Kim grew up on a farm in Ontario and entered into the culinary field surrounded by talented chefs whose focus was to use local and seasonal ingredients. Her passion for the farm-to-table concept only grew over the years as she worked in recognized restaurants across the country and as a personal chef.


Kim is excited to bring her love for French and Italian cooking, with a mix of Maritime influence to the Eastern Shore. With our gardens directly behind the kitchen, you just might find Kim gathering ingredients for your dish.


Lupin Dining would not be possible without Mark Pehlke - co-owner, operations manager, and husband. As a journeyman electrician, Mark naturally became the go-to guy for everything on the property. He spends his time after work tending to the garden and animals, but he really enjoys time on the water surfing when the waves roll in. With a love for entertaining and creating the perfect atmosphere, Mark skillfully created a comfortable and energizing space for our guests.  

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Our menu and products are inspired by the unique local flavours of Nova Scotia and there is no better way to feature the highest quality ingredients than to grow them ourselves in our garden. Throughout the year, we grow our own produce and craft Lupin’s gourmet menu around what we produce - creating a unique and authentic culinary experience.


What we don’t produce ourselves, we source locally. We enjoy building a relationship with our local farmers, fishermen, and butchers in the province. Knowing how they grow, harvest and process their products helps us bring the best flavours forward.


As Lupin Dining & Pantry grows, we look forward to expanding our garden and our menu to highlight even more of Nova Scotia’s unique culinary flavours and provide an even better dining experience for our guests. 

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