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Dining at Lupin

A Farm-To-Table Culinary Experience

Lupin Dining & Pantry uses the seasonal ingredients and flavours of Nova Scotia to create a unique culinary experience. Inspired by what is available locally, our menu changes often to showcase the best locally-sourced ingredients from farmers, fishermen, and butchers, as well as ingredients from our garden just outside the restaurant. Enjoy a five-course tasting menu crafted by Chef Kim MacPherson or a gourmet a la carte menu featuring elevated dishes inspired by Nova Scotia’s unique local flavours.


We look forward to serving you dinner at Lupin Dining & Pantry.

Our Regular Dining Service

At Lupin, you can expect to enjoy a memorable meal from the a la carte menu or get a full five-course tasting experience from the chef's tasting menu. Paired with our list of local craft beer, wine and spirits, your dining experience at Lupin will feature the best ingredients Nova Scotia has to offer.


Meals are served from our kitchen to the many indoor and outdoor dining areas on the gorgeous Lupin homestead. You can enjoy your meal overlooking the garden, where many of your meal's freshest ingredients came from, or inside the comfortable and refined Lupin Dining restaurant. At Lupin we value creating a complete culinary experience. We believe your dining experience at Lupin should pair the remarkable vistas of Nova Scotia with the beautiful flavours of its cuisine.

At Lupin, you can expect a gourmet dining experience against the backdrop of the gorgeous landscapes of Musquodoboit Harbour.

Events at Lupin

Along with our regular service, Lupin Dining often features specially-crafted menus to make your holiday meal or significant evening particularly memorable. These menus vary by season, but the care and quality on display are second to none - showcasing the highest-quality ingredients and gourmet offerings. 

Dining space for these events can fill quickly, so make a reservation ahead of time and follow Lupin Dining & Pantry’s social media channels for event and menu updates.

Book A Private Event at Lupin Dining

The homestead at Lupin Dining can be the perfect place for your private event. The available outdoor and indoor dining spaces can accommodate a variety of needs and the hand-crafted nature of the dining menu means your dining experience will be entirely one-of-a-kind. To discuss what accommodations you’d like for your private event, please contact us and we’d absolutely look forward to providing you with a memorable dining experience at Lupin. 

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